Fun Party

Regan was invited to a birthday party today at a place where they take little girls and put makeup on them and do their hair.  She likes it, but wasn’t nearly as into it as some of the other girls.  We’re hoping the hairdo is still intact for church tomorrow.  I think I prefer her with sand in her hair and a kool aid mustache!  🙂

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Happy Birthday, Leslie.

I was the one who remembered it was Leslie’s birthday today.  I guess I am the one who gets to send her a birthday blog.  We had a nice long chat, but if anyone wants to call her later she will be at the RS broadcast.  Most wards also have a dinner before the broadcast at 7.  You can call her later if you remember, or if you don’t remember you can call her tomorrow.  She is having a grate day, even though her little rugrats got her up early this morning.  Dixon is off camping with the big boys and the rest of the scouts. 

You read about our cruise, we are also planning a shopping trip to Utah to get all our missionary clothing.  Dad wants to drive and I want to fly.  We plan on doing this toward the end of October and plan on being gone for a week.  We will also use this time to say goodbye to all our Utah relatives.  We will get some more time in Utah in January, my favorite month to spend in that state.  We plan on being in Washington all during December, unless we take the week-end flight to Utah once. 

We purchased a computer program today so I can improve my German language abilities at home before we leave.  It is a 300 hour program.  Between studying that and getting our house ready to leave and all the trips etc. we will be pretty busy this fall.  We are really excited to be going to Germany although I think I would have been more excited to go somewhere warmer than here.  I will be  sparing no expense in getting warm clothes, I may even purchase another set of long underwear.  I will definately be getting a good pair of warm, water proof boots.  I wish they would let me wear a snowsuit, I am not allowed to wear pants except on p-day. 

Got to go get ready for the broadcast.

Was that Germany or Hawaii?

Both.  Our mission is to Germany, but we decided a few months ago that if we went to Europe on a mission, we would go to Hawaii before.  I just booked an 11 day cruise around the islands in November.  We had some constraints, as Janet didn’t want to miss any holidays.  Okay, I couldn’t meet that restriction – we’ll be gone on Veterans Day.  We leave on Nov 10 and spend a couple days in Honolulu, residing at the ship.  We go have three days on Maui and two days a day at Kona and Hilo and 2 days on Kauai and cruising around Molokai and Napali.  We will fly back the night before Thanksgiving.  It was really cheap – $600 each for 11 days, and the flight was relatively cheap. 

We are excited about this, our last chance to get warm, before heading to a cold German winter. 

Good information

Dad had seminary security yesterday morning.  Our ward takes it every third week.  We have found there are very few who are available to do this, and of those available very few want to do it.  Those who are available are those who are retired.  There are some retirees in our ward who are not phyisically able to do it and then there are those who just don’t want to.  This is why every third week dad has seminary security. 

Dad had to go to a Dr. appointment at the VA hospital yesterday.  While he was at seminary they called to tell me his appointment had been moved from 9:30 to 10:30 or 11:00, and that he needed to go in before to get a chest x-ray.  It turned out that his Dr. had to go up to Seattle to take care of a parking ticket he had received on the VA grounds.  After his Dr. appointment he drove out to Sumner to pick up our cabinet doors and on the way home from there ran another errand.  In the meantime the elders showed up at our door with a flat tire.  Dad got home about 15 minutes after that and fixed the flat for them. 

Wednesday Dale had come over in the evening and smelled gas when he got out of his car.  He had a gas leak and so dad took him home on Wednesday night and we had his car in the driveway.  After fixing the flat dad got busy trying to find the leak.  He finally found it and went off to buy a part.  He ended up spilling about a quart of gas over himself and so was quite smelly, more than usual that is.  After a few well chosen words, none of them bad, he finally got it fixed and took a shower.  Dale got off the bus close to our house and ate dinner with us.  He was very happy his car was fixed, though I suggested he get it looked at by someone who knows what he is doing.  He chatted with us a bit and then left early in the evening. 

One of the errands dad ran was to go by the dentist office to pick up my prescription toothpaste.  While he was there Marcie Turner told him that missionary calls are mailed off on Thursdays, so if ours was in the batch that was mailed off yesterday we won’t receive it until Monday or Tuesday.  Dad emailed the bishop last night to have him call to see if our call had been made yet so at least we can know if we can expect an envelope next week. 

Yesterday was a very busy day.      

Trip Report

Yes, we took a short trip to the San Juan’s Monday and Tuesday and it was really fun.  Marilyn and Jake came by on Sunday evening and spent the night with us.  Dale, Kurt, Jackie and Marilyn came by to see them – Carolyn and Family had just left.  I felt a bit bad because Jake has to sleep on a chair, so he slept in the basement and Monday said it was very comfortable.  

We got up early Monday and headed north, with me at the wheel of the Town Car.  I must say that our Passat was more comfortable for me as I had a bad leg ache by the time we got to Anacortes.  We only had about a 40 minute wait before ferry took us to Friday Harbor.  The weather wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t raining either.  We drove around the island and it is very nice.  Other than that, we didn’t do much but eat.  I dropped the other three off right by a restaurant we had selected, parked the car, then found out that the restaurant was closed.  We drove to the second choice and had a nice Mexican meal – you know, it goes with San Juan.  We were going to do something that evening, but we were all tired and I was sleeping to Monday night football.  

We decided to leave the island on an earlier ferry, so we took the 10:45 job, then we drove to Whidbey Island and drove through the whole island.  It is really nice.  We had to take a little ferry to Mukilteo and we found a lovely restaurant for a late lunch.  We didn’t hit too much traffic on the way home, but arrived here around 4 or so.  Marilyn and Jake decided to head to Teresa’s so that Jake could take his water pill early Wednesday as they are driving out on Thursday to return.  It was a short trip, but fun.  Jake’s health wasn’t too bad, but he could do many stairs or any long walks.  

 Today we have been really busy with Janet getting ready for Activity day girls tonight.  We left the house at 11 and went to the church to do some laminating and after a hair appointment for Janet and many errands for me; we got back at 3:45.  We are well and anticipating a letter from SLC. 

Like mother, like son???

I was so excited for our first night of carpooling to orchestra.  Well, the first night that the carpool would be driven by someone else (besides, Dix, me or Grandpa).  So Hayden got picked up at about 5:30 and I proceeded to prepare for a quiet evening at home.  Until, at about 6:20, I get a call from Hayden who informs me that he forgot his violin and bow.  DUH!!!!  Who forgets their violin when they’re on their way to orchestra?  He brought his case, mind you, just forgot all of the contents.  He did, however take his music and a pencil.  He’s so well prepared.  So being the kind-hearted mom that I am (and feeling guilty since the orchestra has him on a scholarship this year), I loaded up Cooper and drove the 30 minutes to orchestra, murmuring the whole way.  Then I drove the 30 minutes back home, murmuring half the way, until Cooper started crying which drove my murmuring up a notch to something that I really don’t want to admit to. 

All was well in the end.  Dix finally made it home from work about 15 minutes after I left, so Porter didn’t have to babysit long.  We had a nice quiet evening after all, just not quite as much of it.  And now Hayden owes me an hour of chores for the hour of my time which he wasted.  I will use it wisely! 

In other news, Hayden and Dix are going on a campout this weekend.  Porter’s group was supposed to go on a campout as well, but it seems to have fallen through.  Porter got a 100% on his NE states and capitols (sp?) quiz.  He also got a 100% on his science test.  We won’t mention the spelling test grades…  Landon still loves school and is doing grate.  He’s still struggling with making several of his letters backwards (mostly p’s, but more recently d’s and b’s as well).  He’s doing very well in all other areas.  Regan wishes she was in kindergarten.   At least once a day she says, “I wish I was five.”  Her reading is coming along.  She tries to read every word that she sees.  At every stop sign (and I mean EVERY stop sign) she sounds out all the letters “sssss-tuh-ah-puh, stop.”  Turner gets excited at stop signs, too, because he sees his favorite letter, T!  He sees Ts everywhere, on store signs, (Target, Costco, Best Buy to name a few that he noticed today) on Exit signs in the chapel, on the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom at church, etc, etc, etc.  Cooper is really a good baby.  He definitely likes to be held, which kind of cramps my style a bit, but other than that, he’s very content.  He sleeps ALOT (like his dad) and enjoys a full tummy (like his mom).  He’s getting better at sleeping at night.  He only woke up twice last night. 

Speaking of night time, the time has finally come when we can open our windows at night.  By about 9 or 10 pm it gets cooler outside than inside and we can open our windows.  On Sunday night we opened them for the first time since spring.  We woke up at 5 am to a horn honking–not the beeping of a car alarm, but a constant honk like Turner is in the car laying on the horn or something.  Well, after some investigation I figured out whose horn it was (not mine, thank goodness), but apparently they were the only family on the street that DIDN’T sleep with their windows open that night.  The horn went off for 45 minutes before someone finally stopped it, or it just ran out of juice.  Meanwhile we closed our windows and went back to sleep. 

 I am still struggling with my skin.  I did fine yesterday with no major itches or rashes.  I did well for most of today, but tonight I am so itchy again.  I keep putting Benadryl cream on (maybe that’s why Cooper sleeps so much!) and it seems to work well, but I worry about overusing it.  Speaking of Benadryl, I think I’ll go apply some right now before I scratch my skin right off!

Another trip.

Marilyn and Jake arrived here tonight.  Carolyn and Dave and girls had just left, Kurt, Jackie and Marilyn came soon after.  We had a nice chat and now are preparing for bed.  We will be gone for the next two days, don’t know if we will have internet access. 

We should have some nice fall weather for being in the San Juans.  Hope you all have a good week.

The yard fairies came by again while we were gone.  Thanks Kurt and Jackie for the good work.

Busy Saturday

I’ve had a busy morning already today.  Dix ended up going to the scout training that is from 8 to 5 today.  I took Cooper, Turner and Hayden to Hayden’s Cross Country meet at 7:30.  I dropped Hayden off, then put some gas in the van since it was running on fumes.  We went back and Hayden was just ready to start his race which was 1 1/2 miles.  He isn’t a really fast runner, but he still did well.  He was in the second half of the finishers.  He was really dizzy when he finished, so since I forgot his water bottle we stopped at a gas station and got him a big water bottle.  Then we drove 30 minutes to his orchestra clinic.  He changed in the car while I changed and fed Cooper.  Turner sat in his seat the whole time without complaining.  When I got home I was happy to see that Porter had fed his younger siblings a delicious and nutritious breakfast.  They all had apples and chips for breakfast.  I get to go back to orchestra for a parent meeting and mini concert at 2.  Hopefully T will nap well because Port is going to babysit again. 
Hayden and Dix enjoyed the D-backs game last night.  Hayden said that the Diamondbacks hit four homeruns and he thought that was pretty cool.  When they got home at about 10:30, I was already long since asleep, and Porter was up waiting for them. 
There is a two ward adult dinner activity tonight, so at some point today I’m going to actually have to look in the mirror and attempt at some improvements.  We’ll take Cooper with us, of course, and we’ll have Hayden home to babysit, so he can actually put Turner to bed and maybe even get Regan to bed.  We will all go to church again tomorrow.  It may be my last week of not teaching primary.  I’ll probably teach next week again.  That will be interesting.
Hope you all have a great Saturday!

What he didn’t say.

It is good to be back in a climate where you can become more comfortable by adjusting how much clothing you wear.  There is only so much you can take off and still be legal.  On Tuesday morning the temperature was actually comfortable in Peoria.  We had the windows and doors open to enjoy the cool.  Contrast that with coming back to Washington on Thursday night to find the inside temperature in our house a nippy 62.  I cranked the heat right up.  I needed at least a few hours to allow my body to adjust.  All is well now.  I am sitting here in a sweatshirt and it feels grate.

We discovered on Thursday night that more info was needed by the missionary department regarding dad’s health.  So this morning he tried calling the person who was asking for the information.  She wasn’t in, so we left a message and got busy with our errands.  The errands included a visit to Madigan to get blood pressure taken by a medical professional.  Of course you read about that already.  We also did some shopping and tried to go out to Pacific Crest to get our cabinet doors.  We dropped by Costco on our way home.  We were glad to have a message from the sister at the missionary deparment when we arrived.  Dad talked to her and got everything cleared up.  Our experience has been really helpful to all the older couples in our ward.  They now know what to anticipate when they do their missionary applications. 

Tonight I made some delicious teriyaki chicken.  We also ate some of the beans out of the garden.  They are huge but pretty tasty.  I spent some time cleaning off the stove, and still need to wipe off the counter tops.  We were thinking that Marilyn and Jake would be dining here on Sunday night.  It turns out they will arrive at bedtime.  Since we usually eat before that we will not be hosting them for dinner that night.  We will leave early on Monday with them to travel to the San Juans for an overnight visit and some sight seeing.  This will be our last chance to do something with the Hildebrands until after we get back. 

Mission Call!

Well, not yet.  I did have an email from the Bishop saying Pres Turner got a call from the missionary department and they wondered if we would do well in Africa.  No, actually they said that I needed more medical checks because of my high blood pressure and that I needed a stress test.  Hello, I had a stress test.  Okay, I left a message for sister Batty and proceeded to Madigan for a blood pressure test.  It went well and didn’t take long, but to get a paper saying I had taken it was not easy.  I would have to make an appointment with my physician yada yada.  I finally got the guy to fill out a form and give to me.  When we got home I had a phone message from the missionary department and they asked if we would like to go to Africa – no, she actually wanted to know about my health.  I told her about my frequent trips to the blood pressure checker and about the stress test.  She was satisfied and would release our paperwork on the spot.  Good thing too – the slot for Africa was almost taken.