Mission Papers, Complete

I’ve been going nuts for the last two weeks, trying to get our mission physicals complete.  We had our exams two weeks ago Monday, then I had to go back for a stress test the following Monday.  They promised me that they would deliver the results to my doctor the next day.  So on Wednesday, a week ago today, I tried to pry them loose – no luck and no call backs.  I tried again on Monday of this week, with equal success = 0.  I went back again this morning, vowing to stay there until I got results and the nurse finally did talk to the doctor, who said to come back this afternoon at 3:00. 

We did that and waited for a while, then got called back to the doctor’s office.  He had some questions and Janet had to get another shot.  We had never signed the forms for him to release them to the bishop, so who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t been bugging him. 

We did get the forms in hand.  I’ll deliver them to the bishop this evening.  He will then do his four parts on the computer, then get the forms to the Stake President, who will have someone electronically record the results of the physicals, and put on his endorsement.  I don’t know if it will happen this week or not, but should happen soon.  We probably won’t get the mission call until after we return from Phoenix.  The doctor did put “no restrictions” on the physicals, which means that I can walk up to 10 miles a day.  Hope that doesn’t mean I go to a 3rd or 4th world country.  I hold out hope that I’ll only walk to the nearest bakery and eveyone else comes to me. 


New situation

As some of you know already, I’ve been offered a full-time job at my old company, Atlas.  I’ve accepted the offer and will begin in three weeks.

I’m pretty excited about this job – I get to develop instead of test, it’s in downtown Seattle, my commute will be shorter, and I already know the company.

Not much more to say about this, really, other than I can’t wait to get started!

Big Day on Thursday

The doctor called this afternoon and has me scheduled for an induction on Thursday.  I’ve been in false labor all day today and am sick and tired of it and will be glad to be done with this.  We’re going in on 6 am on Thursday and hope to have a new little guy by the time the kids get out of school.  If you want us to call you from the hospital, e-mail me your phone numbers (we don’t have our old cell phones with the numbers all programmed in anymore).  Otherwise I’ll just call mom and have her spread the word. 

The Commodity

This morning Porter was being silly and I told him that he was being a comedian.  Regan asked, “What’s a comedian?”  I answered that it was someone who did comedy like telling jokes and being funny.  She said some silly things and then said, “I’m the commodity!”

Hayden’s keeping busy

Well, I guess we’re back in full swing again.  Tonight Hayden auditioned for the West Valley Youth Orchestra.  He said that he did very well.  Hopefully he did well enough to get at least as good of a chair as he had last year (I don’t see what the big deal is, they’re all just metal folding chairs anyway.  Now if one of them was a recliner…).  Tomorrow morning he has to be at school at 7 to try out for the cross country team.  Then right after school he is mowing the neighbor’s lawn.  He just finished writing his speech that he’ll be giving on Wednesday as he runs for class president.  Good thing he doesn’t do any of his chores or he’d have no spare time at all!  Actually, he did all his chores before school.  It seems like we have way more time in the mornings now that we don’t have to make lunches.  It doesn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal, but it is!  Yay for the government for giving my kids free lunches! 

Turner is learning his letters.  We know that he knows “T” very well, since he pointed at every exit sign in the chapel yesterday and excitedly yelled, “T!”  And every time I’m at a stop sign he points out the T.  Well, today when I was on the computer he came up and pointed at the T and told me “T!”  Then he pointed at O and told me that it was an O and then he did the same thing for X.  I think I need to get the magnet letters out for him tomorrow.  He’s totally interested in his letters right now and could probably learn them all in a matter of a couple of weeks!  I had him show Dix his new trick tonight and Dix was very surprised!  He had no idea that he knew any letter other than T.  What a funny little dude (Turner, not Dix).

We’re still waiting to hear back from the hospital.  Supposedly they have me scheduled for Thursday, but nothing is for sure yet.  I’ll post tomorrow when I know.  Meanwhile, I think I’ll go do the dishes and go to bed.

Busy Days

I can’t believe how busy it gets here.  It seems like we have so much to do, and I know we don’t have any more to do than we did before retirement, we are just slower.  What’s the big rush?

Saturday we went on a Temple trip with the youth.  They need 10 Priesthood holders and so they needed dad.  They only need 4 sisters, but they only had 3 so they needed me as well.  We didn’t have all that many youth, in fact we had 3 girls go up who are in college.  A lot of the youth were unable to make it for various reasons. 

Sunday I helped in Primary again.  There were so many teachers and kids gone it made me feel like our ward is about ready to shut down.  The kids were great.  I hope she gets back next week because I need to be in the library, Jane Martin will be out of town over Labor Day week-end.  Dad went home teaching last night and I just lazed around.

Today we ran into Madigan to see if we could pickup our physical forms which haven’t made it to our bishop yet.  Our Dr. wasn’t there and won’t be there tomorrow.  If we haven’t seen the physicals by Wednesday we will go in again and find out what is going on.  I hope we get this all done so our stuff can be sent in before we leave for Arizona. 

We did housework this morning before we left.  On the way back from Madigan we picked up a few groceries and then stopped at the Schilter’s farm stand and then at Costco.  We went on a bike ride this afternoon to pick blackberries along the C-W trail.  We think we have enough to do another batch of jam.  The wild blackberry jam is our favorite, and is the best with peanut butter.  We made some last week with blackberries that I had pureed and frozen, I don’t know how many summers ago.  It was really delicious and set up well. 

We ate leftovers for dinner tonight, too tired from a busy day to cook.  Dad picked some beans in the garden and then left dirt all over the clean kitchen floor.  He did some vacuuming today, so I didn’t make too much of a fuss.  Just wait until we have new carpet, then I will really lower the boom. 

Looks like another great day tomorrow and the next day.  It is supposed to rain this week-end and then showers all next week.  I can’t believe this summer.  Oh well, at least everyone had green grass this year.   

Baby is now showered

My friends threw a baby shower for me today.  Regan was so excited about it.  She’s been asking about it all week.  So she went with me and felt so grown up.  I really got very few clothes.  It was mostly diapers (yay!) and gift cards.  There were probably about ten little outfits or so.  It was a lot of fun.  Turner was so excited when I got home and he saw all the presents.  He thought it was his birthday.  He was pulling everything out of the bags and squealing.  Then Regan opened one of the packs of diapers so then we had diapers everywhere.  I got everything picked up now and need to find a place to put it all! 

Dix and Hayden were supposed to go to the temple for baptisms this morning but Dix ended up staying at home with the little kids and the other deacon’s quorum leader drove our van.  Hayden was really excited about it.  It was his goal to go to the temple 12 times this year, so he’s going to have to start going twice a month to make it!  Dix ended up cleaning out all the empty aquariums in our house and got them all cleaned up and ready to sell. 

I need to go put T down for his nap and then I’ll start putting away all this cute baby stuff.

A tale of two mowers.

This was a good day to cut the grass.  It started off cool and cloudy.  The grass was long, and it hadn’t rained in a few days.  Dad tried to start the mower we borrowed from Dave and it wouldn’t start.  He even tried to start our mower again and no luck.  We made a list of the errands we had to run and left the house after 11.  We took Dale to lunch at a new place downtown.  We enjoyed a good chat and then took him back to work and headed off on our errands.  We got everything done, including a library stop and got home in good time.  We didn’t even have to wait at the construction on Mullen Road.  I suggested that we borrow a mower from someone, which we did.  The lawn looks great.  There is a chance of rain tomorrow and besides we are supposed to go up with the youth to the temple.  If the weather is nice when we get home from the temple I want to go on a bike ride, and not do yard work.  We have only gone out three times this week. 

Speaking of bikes, we did go out this afternoon for twenty miles, it was a little hot, but nice and shady on the trail.  We want to go pick a bunch of blackberries for jam.  We picked some yesterday, but dad will use those in his muesli.  We made jam tonight from some blackberry puree that was in the freezer, if it doesn’t set up we can always use it in muesli, that is where all my thin jam has gone. 

I need to go to bed, we need to be at the church tomorrow at 7:45,

Two weeks from today

Mom and dad will arrive.  Who knows if I will have a baby by then.  I was able to lay around all day today and the swelling in my feet went way down.  They look a lot better.  Unfortunately, the house looks a lot worse.  So I will spend the next week or so laying down a lot and trying to get housework done in small chunks of time.  The doctor is willing to induce labor next week (he actually was willing to do it this week!), so I called to set up an appointment and then I can back out if I chicken out.  As of right now, I’m not miserable enough to go through labor to end this pregnancy!  But maybe another week will do it for me!