I guess we’re going to move…

We hired a real estate agent and it’s official.  Our house is getting listed on MLS tomorrow.  I spent my evening (between contractions) cleaning and dusting the front room.  The kitchen is usually clean every day.  Tomorrow the kids and I will work on the family room and everyone will clean their own bedrooms.  The bedrooms usually stay pretty clean.  It’s the common areas that get hard to manage.  We’re doing a short sell which means that the house will sell for less than what is owed on it.  The bank will write off the remaining amount and we will receive a 1099 that will claim that remaining amount as income to us.  But since we have such a tremendous business loss for this year, it won’t really hurt us much. 

 I don’t know how much all of you know, but because of the change in the housing market and lack of change in our business’ spending (and a little help from a not-so helpful bookkeeper), we are losing our business.  Dixon is going to a bankruptcy attorney tomorrow and will hopefully get the ball rolling.  We will lose our house, all of our cars and our business.  Hopefully we will be able to find a home to rent close by.  With all of the changes going on, we want to stay in the same ward.  The kids are being really good about everything, but you can tell that it really worries them.  Port came in our room crying the other night and didn’t really know why he was crying.  We figure that if we can at least stay in the same area and in the same ward, that will help the kids.  Dix will probably get a job with a guy in our ward and continue selling cabinets through our granite guy’s office on the side.  We’re hoping he can start working on Monday since we haven’t had any income in quite a while.  Meanwhile, the days are ticking and the birth of this baby is getting closer and closer.  Hopefully we don’t end up having to move the same day that the baby decides to come!  In any case, we have an amazing support group of friends.  It will be no problem getting people to help us out with kids, cleaning, moving, etc.  We have even had two people offer us their homes to rent (if they don’t sell them before we need a place to live).  Unfortunately, neither of them have pools.  But that’s life.  So that’s our story.  It sounds bad, but we know that things are going to be just fine in the end.  It’s just that the next couple of months might be a little stressful.  We appreciate everyone’s prayers and uplifting phone calls! 

PS.  Dale, Hayden really enjoyed talking to you tonight!

Company’s gone.

We took Kevin and Lynne to the airport yesterday morning.  We had a fun visit with them, though it wasn’t very long.  They are looking forward to coming back again.

This morning I watched Lacy while Carolyn took Rose in for a dental appointment.  Lacy never woke up.  When I got home the counter men had come and fixed the bubble in our counter.  We decided that we would go for a bike ride so we changed into our cycling clothes and left.  We did 30 miles today, and I am a little tired out.  We had lunch and now I am trying to get motivated to do some housework.  On days when we go for really long rides I may as well just go to bed when I get home.  I would like to keep the rides down to 20 to 25 each time.  Today we almost ran out of water and dad wanted to ride into Rainier to get a drink.  I prevaled and we just went to where the Tenino-Yelm trail meets the Chehalis-Western.  It is uphill to Rainier and there is always a headwind blowing.  Of course on the way back it is downhill with the wind at our backs. 

I have an eye appointment tomorrow at 1:30, and we will go shopping for groceries after that.  The weather is beautiful today with blue skies and mild temperatures. 

Mark’s super long ride

So, I rode my bike to work yesterday morning.  How long was the ride?  Check this map for details.

It was fun, but extremely tiring.  Thankfully, I was still able to fit in a 9 hour work day.  My roommate graciously drove me home from work, himself getting out of work at the same time I did (he works at Nintendo, just a few blocks away from Microsoft).

I might give it another shot, as I need to prepare myself for riding around Lake Washington perhaps a month from now.  The ride itself was very pleasant, almost entirely on dedicated trails for biking, so I never had to deal with traffic.

Not Mount Saint Helens

Dad and I had to go to a memorial service this morning for a woman in our ward who passed away last week.  We got home about 11:20.  We talked with Lynne and Kevin and decided that we would go to Mount Saint Helens.  We packed a few essentials in the car, binoculars, crackers, water, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and went on our merry way.  We pointed out the sights as we drove out of town.  There is our library, there is city hall.  We made it almost to Maytown when the traffic came to a halt.  I-5 was like a big parking lot.  We crept our way to the exit and got off.  At first we thought we could take all the back roads to get there, but realized after a few minutes of driving that even though we had a map and a gps it would take us all day and we  would end up going the wrong way on any number of roads.  So we found a road heading back north and ended up driving into Tenino.

  We had a fun day anyway.  We went to the Falls Terrace Restaurant for lunch and then walked around the park.  We drove around Capital Lake and went down to the water front where we caught the tail end of the farmers market, then we went to Burfoot Park and walked down to the water.  We drove the back way to Lacey and then down College Street to 45th where we could get on the trail and we walked across Yelm Highway to see if we could find any ripe blackberries to pick and eat (we found a few).  Dad had gone back for the car and parked in the neighborhood that backed onto the trail south of the road.  We headed home after that with a stop at Safeway.  We drove home via the route that we go cycling on.  All in all a fun day.

Tonight we did salmon on a cedar plank with baked potatoes, broccoli and a salad.  The dishes are done and Lynne and I are pretty tired.  The guys are upstairs watching a ball game.  I think we will go to bed soon.  Tomorrow is oatmeal for breakfast. 

Our life of leisure.

We have ridden 75 miles on our bikes since Tuesday.  On Monday I went walking with the RS sisters.  My knees are screaming at me to stop this abuse.  I didn’t think I could make it on our ride today, but I did, obviously.  It has been gloriously cool these last few days, so we can ride any time we want.  Yesterday was a spectacular day with lovely blue skies and mild tempertures all day long.  Today was cloudy until mid-afternoon, which actually kept the temperature down so we didn’t need to turn on the air conditioner. 

My sister Lynne and her husband Kevin are flying in tomorrow to spend the week-end with us.  We are going to the ball game, so we will stay up in Seattle and see the sights.  Saturday we will go to the farmer’s market and go on a picnic if it isn’t raining.  I don’t know what we’ll be doing if it rains.  Sunday is church and then a family dinner for all those who would like to come.  We will have a cake for Lacy and sing to her.  I have already given gifts to her so there will be no gift opening.  Monday the Smith’s go back to Utah.  We need to get them to the airport by 11:15.  We won’t have time to do anything with them that day.

We have been very busy at home getting the rest of the spring cleaning done.  I am not quite finished but it is down to just a few things left, such as cleaning all the glass on the art work (which is a considerable task), and undusting all the woodwork (think door frames and baseboards).  Each time I think I am done I find that I have some things left to do.  It is fun this year because dad has been a big help.  Washing the windows went very quickly because he was on the outside taking off the screens, washing them and then washing the outside windows and putting the screens back on.  Lest you all think that he had the harder job, I had to clean out all the very dirty tracks. 

We have also been going through our belongings and deciding what we really want to keep.  We have pared down quite a bit and intend on paring down several more times over the months to come. 

34 down, 6 to go

Weeks, that is.  6 weeks till my due date.  Yikes.  I’ve felt really, really good until yesterday.  I was feeling really big (duh!) and swollen and sore and tired.  I went to bed early and slept in this morning and still felt really tired.  I even took a two hour nap this afternoon.  I always overdue it physically, that’s no secret.  But I’m emotionally drained all the time now, too, so it’s really wearing on me.  In a way I can’t wait to have the baby and not be pregnant anymore, but there’s a part of me that just wants to freeze time.  There’s something really neat about being pregnant and knowing that it’s definitely not going to happen again is almost like saying goodbye to an old friend…only different.  After all, I’ve spent nearly five out of the last 13 years pregnant!  Hopefully I can get over this exhaustion because it’s going to be a long six weeks if I’m this tired all the time.

The kids had diving class today and violin lessons, so we didn’t do school.  We’ll jump back in tomorrow.  Their lessons all went really well.  Hayden’s starting to prepare for the fiddling contest in November and is enjoying that.  Porter passed off his song and moved on.  He’s now an entire song ahead of Landon.  He’s doing really, really well!  Landon, bless his sweet little heart, is plugging away the best he can.  He’s been working on “Aunt Rhody” for about a month and a half now and has the first line down.  Granted, we didn’t really practice very well until this last week.  He is making progress, it’s just really slow.  Regan had her little lesson today and was thrilled to be playing “Twinkle.”  Turner brings his “bi-no-way” (violin) to lessons every week, but he never even takes it out.  One of these days he’s going to want a lesson, too!  I would have enjoyed lessons more if she turned her AC down a few degrees.  I had been sitting at the pool for half an hour and was SWEATY and her AC is set at 80 and not a very cold 80.  I was melting.  Oh well.  We survived. 

The kids all played with friends this afternoon.  Landon had two friends over and Regan had one and we all went swimming when Dix got home from work.  It was really fun.  Hayden went swimming over at Donnie’s and Dalton and Porter were playing Legos or something.  So it was just little kids out in the pool.  Turner, as usual, was underwater more than he was above it.  I can’t believe what a little fish he is!  He’s going to love being in swim lessons next summer while the rest of the crew is on swim team.  Hopefully Emil won’t be too mobile yet (he’ll be mobile, who am I trying to kid?  He’ll be 9 months old!) and won’t mind sitting in the stroller for two hours! 

I need to go get the kids done on their chores and ready for bed.  Hope someone else posts soon!  I’m sure you guys are getting tired of hearing about our boring lives!

School’s in Session

We started school again yesterday.  My kids think it’s terribly unfair to be doing school when all their friends are still on summer break.  I guess they’ve forgotten the many, many days that we were on break while their friends were in school.  Oh well.  They’re still being good sports about it.  For two days in a row they’ve gotten every single subject done…oops, I just remembered that we forgot to do art today.  But that’s because of poor planning.  I scheduled it for Tuesdays and Fridays, forgetting that I have activity days on Tuesdays so it gets a little busy.  So I’ll have to change art to Wednesdays and Fridays or just do a two or three hour block on Fridays.  We’ll see.  But we got everything else done.  I’ve redone my schedule a bit so I can spend more one-on-one time with everyone.  Porter gets his first thing in the morning, then Hayden, then we do group time, then Regan, then Landon.  Turner gets all afternoon after his nap.  I don’t have any resting time or time just for me, but with this many kids, I don’t see any way around that.  I still have from about 8 pm on without kids, so that’s good enough. 

The kids started their diving class this week.  They used their own money to pay for it and have been so excited for it.  We went over there yesterday and it got cancelled due to a thunderstorm.  They were devastated!  I started thinking about it and checked the weather forecast for the rest of the week and it looked highly likely that all the classes this week at that time could be cancelled.  So I called last night and switched them into the 10:20 am class.  They went this morning and had a grate time.  Porter was having a little trouble with the three step approach on the board so he had to act really dorky about it, but he seemed to be catching on at the end.  Hayden caught on a little sooner, but they both had their share of belly flops. 

After school today the boys played with Dax, Donnie and Dalton.  It was a nice change that Landon and Porter actually went over to the Shields and I only ended up with Donnie (and Hayden)!  I usually have all of the boys over here.  After dinner I let the boys go out for a little swim (Regan was already reading stories with her daddy) but Hayden never went out.  Turner is a swimming fool.  He would say, “under?” and then dive off the step and swim for four or five feet, then turn and grab the wall.  Then he would say, “Monkey walk!” and he walks his hands along the wall to move back to the steps.  Then he would repeat.  About a hundred times.  What a cutie.  He wouldn’t get out of the pool, so finally when he came near the edge I grabbed him and pulled his swim suit off.  He thinks that he can’t get in the pool naked, so he was out and wouldn’t get back in.  I got him inside, gave him a snack and put him to bed.  I forgot to turn his music on for him so after a few minutes I heard him crying, “God, Mommy!”  I finally understood that I forgot to turn on “I am a child of God!”  I went in and he was trying to climb up his dresser to turn it on (yes, his dresser is secured to the wall) and he had big tears streaming down both cheeks.  What a sweetie.  I haven’t heard anything else from him…except the sound of duplos being built and hot wheels being played with!  His room will be a mess by morning, but oh well. 

Dix received on an accounts receivable today.  I’m excited to have enough money to…pay my utilities and fill my van with gas.  Okay, I’m exaggerating.  We won’t have enough to FILL the van, but we can at least put some in!  🙂  He’s had so many positive experiences talking to all the vendors and custom home builders and everyone else since Keith is gone (Dale, Mark and Kurt…do you have any idea what’s going on with our business?  If not, I’ll fill you in.  LMK.).  It seems as if Keith left a bad taste in pretty much everyone’s mouths.  Most everyone is excited to do business with Dix now that Keith is gone.  We’re hoping to still make a go of it.  He worked hard today and made several contacts as well as receiving some cash and possibly selling the truck.  So keep up those prayers.  It may be too little, too late, but we may still be able to pull through! 

I guess I should print out tomorrow’s lesson plans and chore charts and plan for tomorrow night’s dinner.  I think we’ll have pork roast.  Yummy.  Have a great day!

Phones are down… Mom I need a favor!

For some reason our phones are not working at all.  I’m going to wait until Dave gets home to try to figure out what’s wrong.  In the meantime, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning in Olympia and mom I was wondering if you could watch the girls.  I will be going over to that area anyway so will it be okay if I drop them off around 7:30?  I don’t know what kind of appointment it is (I can’t call to find out) so I don’t know how long I’ll be.  If it is okay will you please respond?  Thanks!

Another gray day except for a little ray of sunshine.

I knew it would be cloudy today, but I didn’t know it would look so threatening.  I am the one who has to decide if we are going cycling.  Dad doesn’t want to be in the dog house if we get rained on.  We kept thinking it was going to clear a little, but it never did.  It was very humid all day long, close to 80 percent I am sure.  Carolyn made frosting for Lacy’s cake and it didn’t turn out, we think because of the high humidity.

I walked this morning with the RS sisters, they are slow, but that is okay.  Then we went out to get Lacy a present.  We got her a cute dress on sale, some books and a cd.  I put everything in a Cinderalla bag and got a card with the Disney princesses on the front.  She was cute, she kept squealing as she pulled things out of the bag.  She put the dress on right away and twirled, she loves dresses that twirl.  It was fun to see her on her birthday.  That was our little ray of sunshine for the day. 

When we got home I cleaned another window and then tried to finish my book.  I will have to finish it tonight, it is too exciting at this point to put down.  In fact, dad had to make dinner (warm leftovers) so I could continue reading.  Kurt dropped by for a minute to get his gps unit that he put more maps on.  I will get back to reading after I post this. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy in the morning and clear in the evening.  We have now had 10 days of cloudy weather in July.  I would like it to be sunny and warmer for the next several weeks. 

Happy Birthday to Lacy.