He’s a fish

Turner learned how to swim today!  He’s by no means independent, but he was swimming back and forth between me and Hayden.  And he enjoyed it, too.  I would put him underwater and shove him toward Hayden.  Hayden grabbed him, T would come out and say, “Mommy!”  So then Hayden pushed him toward me, but I would back up a little so he would have to kick to get to me.  I thought he would hate it, but then he came up saying, “Hayden!”  So he went back and forth for quite a while.  He’ll be a regular fish by the end of the summer, considering that when I’m in the water gravity doesn’t have such a hold on me, so I’ll be spending a lot of time in the water and so will he.  How was that for a run-on sentence? 

Carolyn and I are having fun together.  Lacy loves swimming and she loves Regan, but the rest of us she could do without.  Actually, I think she quite likes Dixon, too.  But she doesn’t like Snickers (the cat) and she DEFINITELY doesn’t like Heidi and today when I tried to hand her a dead bug I found out that she doesn’t like dead bugs, either.  I don’t think she likes me very much.  I’m kind of bossy.  I don’t let her walk around with food, I make her eat her crusts and I don’t let her have any more food if she hasn’t finished her last snack.  You might say I’m following in Mom’s footsteps.  Yikes, I need to chill out.  I’m going to have a carpet picnic tomorrow!  🙂

We got the three girls matching dresses to wear to church tomorrow.  They’ll be really cute.  Don’t worry, I’m sure Carolyn will take a billion pictures.  They’ve been wearing their hair the same every day (it’s been two braids…it’s Lacy’s favorite and Regan likes the fact that her hair doesn’t have rats nests in it in the morning if she sleeps in her braids).  We even bought some ribbon to match the dresses so they’ll be super cute.  Lacy is going to go to nursery with Turner.  I don’t have to teach primary tomorrow so I guess I’ll go to SS and RS.  It’s fast Sunday so it will be busy for Hayden and Dixon.  They collect fast offerings and have a Deacon’s Quorum Presidency meeting.  At least that keeps their minds off food. 


A good time was had by all.

We drove home last night as you all know.  We decided that if we get to Pendleton and it was 3:30 we would have to drive home.  It was dry the whole way, and hot, but not in the car of course.  It is easy to drive home in a day if you are younger, or if you don’t have kids in the car.  Each time we stopped to eat or rest it took us a few minutes to straighten up.  Dad hurt his leg in a race on Monday and had to take some Tylenol because it hurt while he was driving, but he kept the whining to a minimum.

We had lunch at a Jack in the Box in Boise and called Dale while we were there.  We ate dinner in the Dalles.  I drove from a rest stop just before LeGrand to the Dalles.  We got home at 9:15, just a few minutes before Leslie and Carolyn arrived to their destination.  While I was driving dad played around with the GPS and figured out a few things, like how to find restaurants.

I finished reading my book and then started another one and finished it.  We also listened to Car Talk and a lot of music.

When we got up this morning it was raining lightly.  I had wanted to ride bikes today, but I was glad for the rain.  I am starting to feel a little less parched.  We have been working around the house, doing laundry and watering plants.  Dad has also been doing some finish work.  I cleaned the bathrooms and wound the clocks.  We still have a lot to do around here.

Tomorrow we will be getting ready for the high priest social.  We are trying to come up with some games to play.  We decided that break dancing is out.

Thanks to you all for making the effort to come to the reunion.  I was very glad that you were there.

We are in TAD

We made it to SLC yesterday – as scheduled. Our drive on Wednesday went fine to Boise, but the GPS kept getting upset at me for making the wrong turns. Eventually we made it to the hotel, where we had a nice room and good sleep. Thursday Janet set the GPS for the Church office building in SLC. I was surprised to see it would take over six hours. We got up early and left around 8 am and the GPS again got mad at us. It tired to send me down a road clearly marked, dead end. We also discovered that Janet had set it for “shortest distance” so it took us through the residential area of Boise, then tried to have us go on local highways rather than interstate. When we adjusted the GPS, it got faster – dropped an hour off on driving time.

We had plenty of time after the correction, so we went to Maddox, a restaurant in Brigham City for lunch. It is 57 years old, and we used to go there when I was a pre-teen, so it guess it was new then. We had our interview about the mission. They had needs in Hawaii, Frankfurt and VA. They just this month filled a position in Rota Spain. I wish I had known and I’d have gone there.

It was hot, but we met Carolyn just fine. It was hard to put all of the stuff in the car, but we managed. We drove to Tooele and the army depot to find our room. It is old, but nice with lots of space. Today we will visit Marilyn and go to SLC. Leslie is on her way here now.

Packed and ready

It’s 10:40 and I think I’m finally ready to go.  Hayden went to his swim meet tonight and we didn’t get home until about 9:30.  I still need to load most of the stuff up in the morning.  We loaded all the kids luggage, but we have all the food and extra stuff (most importantly the electronics!) to load still.  See you all on Saturday!


Another rough night

My allergies are in full swing and I’m extremely uncomfortable.  Last night before bed, I took benedryl and couldn’t finish packing I was so tired. But Rose woke up and I couldn’t get her back to sleep.  Dave didn’t work last night, so I asked him to rock the baby to sleep so I could fall asleep.  Well, he didn’t hear me because he fell asleep.  Then he came to bed and I was still struggling trying to fall asleep with an extremely restless baby.  Eventually I threw in the towel and tried sleeping on the couch!  Dave did get up with Rose to try to calm her down after about a half hour.  Around 3 I went back to bed and was able to get a little sleep.  Then I woke up around 7 and discovered Lacy took off her pull up and peed in the bed.  The fun just never stops!

I’ve done a little more packing and am now sitting here with an icepack on my neck (stiff neck from couch sleeping I presume).  We’ll be leaving in about 3 hours, and I’m mostly packed.  Just little stuff to put in now.  I’m just hoping with my sinus issues and girls recovering from bronchitis that my flight will be somewhat pleasant!


We made it to Boise and drove into the city to find our motel.  I thought we wouldn’t get lost but we did anyway.  We are in a Residence Inn very close to Boise State University.  We found a place we could walk to for dinner, an Italian place that was pretty good.  We are now in our room relaxing from the day’s drive.  We left this morning at 9:15 and after gassing up the car at Costco were on our merry way.  It was a sunny day for the most part.  After lunch at a Taco Bell in Hood River we continued our drive.  The countryside gets more and more desolate as you head east.  By the time we got to the Dalles it was almost treeless. 

We had a nice rainstorm after Baker.  The temperature dropped from 88 to 61 in about 5 minutes and rained very hard for 5 minutes or so.  When it stopped raining the temp started to go up.  It hit 78 before going down to 70 again and then finally climbing until it stayed in the 90’s.  We listened to some music and then NPR’s “Wait, wait don’t tell me”.  Tomorrow I guess we will listen to “Car Talk”.  It was a nice day and went by very quickly.  Dad drove the whole way, though he asked twice if I wanted to drive.  By then we were close to our destination so we just continued on the way we were. 

This seems like a nice quiet place to spend the night away from freeways with a big city park adjacent to us.  Hope our neighbors are quiet so we can sleep.

We have a 3 pm appointment in the church office building tomorrow.  Should be able to get there on time from here if we leave by 9 am or so.  Hope you all have a nice evening.  Carolyn and the girls travel tomorrow. 

The new look

The counter top people came today to put our counters in.  They arrived at 10 am and left just before 7 pm.  My kitchen is again covered with sawdust which will have to wait until after we get back.  I really like the new look, dark brown.  Dad has put the sink back in and is now trying to get the dishwasher balanced again.  He is having a hard time and has yelled at me already, so I made like a tree…  He will be back to his jolly self as soon as he gets it fixed.  He tends to get a bit testy with me when he is having a hard time getting a job done that is really hard to do. 

We have yet to pack and I need to do a load of clothes before we can pack.  We hope to be on the road tomorrow by 9.  We will be spending the night in Boise and then have an appointment at the church offices tomorrow at 3.  We will pick up Carolyn and the girls at the airport at 5.  Speaking of Carolyn she was over today delivering things she needs us to carry in the car.  We are also bringing along canning jars for Leslie who has filled all her jars with potatoes. 

Dale, Mark and Kurt will be staying together on Friday night and then driving to the airport on Saturday morning, they will work out the details.  We will be at Grandma’s on Saturday, at least Carolyn the girls and I.  Dad will leave there to pick up the boys at the airport and then we will wait for Leslie to arrive.  We are excited for this trip.  Hope it all goes as planned.

Is Landon Oliver’s Mother here?

We were at the pool this morning–well into our second hour–when, over the intercom we heard, “Would Landon Oliver’s mother please come to the life guard hut?”  All heads swung my way as I started that direction.  Of course I was at the farthest corner, so it took a few minutes to get there.  I got to the hut and there sat Landon with an ice pack on his hand.  They told me that he had been stung by a bee.  What a relief.  I was afraid something bad had happened…like he had been naughty or something.  They asked me if he was allergic to bee stings, I told them that I thought it was the first time he had been stung, so probably not.  They cleaned it up, gave him a lollipop and lots of attention and sent us on our way.  I think he enjoyed being pampered.  At home I would have pulled out the stinger and told him to stop grabbing bees.  It was the end of practice anyway, so we went and loaded up and went home.  We stopped at the library on the way so the kids could get their first prize for the summer reading program.  Porter is in the middle of Swiss Family Robinson on CD.  I really wanted him to read it but it is so hard that I knew it would be a while.  I didn’t know if he would even have the patience to listen to the “olden time language” on CD.  But he does.  And he loves it!  It’s keeping him entertained since we’re having a screen free week (until Friday for our drive). 

 I need to go process some more potatoes.  Wish me luck!  I have three more days to get them all done.


Cool Gift

I’ve enjoyed the GPS that I received for Father’s day.  Janet and I took it around on our erands this morning and it was cool.  It took us a different way to Cash and Carry, and when I took the first drive into the place it told me to turn around.  We then went to Costco and Janet turned it off after I took a different way – she doesn’t want to be disobedient.  We then went to Ft. Lewis, but Janet couldn’t figure out how to imput that, so we put Dupont.  When we went by the first exit to Dupont, it responded, “recalculating directions” or something like that.  When I missed the next exit, it said the same thing, except it said to “pay attention next time.”  On the third exit as we turned into Ft. Lewis, it just gave us and said, “if you won’t listen to directions, why did you buy me?”

We will enjoy this on our trip to Utah, Thanks.