Rose had a lovely birthday. Thanks to everyone who could come. The BBQ was fun, and Rose was really cute eating her cake, and Lacy was really cute opening Rose’s presents. Here’s a couple photos from the party.  OK, several pictures.  And I just realized they’re in opposite order so start with the bottom picture first.  I obviously didn’t have Rose that clean at the end of the party!
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Another 20 miles.

We rode again today in the hot afternoon.  We biked the shadier northern route of the Chehalis Western towards Woodard Bay.  We didn’t go all the way to the bay however.  We are planning our first longer ride for next week, 40 miles.  I guess we will do a 25 this week and maybe a 30, but mostly just 20 each time.  We are not training for a race, just trying to get some exercise.

I usually get a very sore spot on my back, close to my neck and have been trying different things to relieve it.  The best thing is to look down at the trail and not where I am going.  This is hard for me to do.  It does work and so usually I just ride right behind dad and trust that he is not going to pull a prank on me.  Should I trust him? 

We have another sunny and warm day for tomorrow, we shall leave in the morning for our ride.  When we got home today my face was very red.  That is the one thing I hate about me, when I exert myself I don’t sweat I get red in the face.  I know all you sweaters out there (sweaters?) think that would be a nice change, but you’ll have to believe me when I say it is better to sweat and cool off than to get red in the face and have people think you are going to pass out.

I have to go over to the church for a little while tonight, then dad has home teaching at 8.  Hope I get back in time.


Today I went with Kurt, Jackie, and my roommate John to go hiking up in the Lake Quinault area of Olympic National Park.  It was a beautiful day, nice and sunny and warm, and perfect for traipsing around outdoors.  I’m pretty tired now, but we all had a good time.

Here are some of the photos I took from the hike today:

Quinault Hike 2007

Up a creek without a paddle

Actually we were in the middle of the lake without a paddle and our engine stopped running but at least we had another family with us so we could ruin their day, too!  We took our friends out to go boating and the engine started smoking so we turned the boat off.  Dix and our friend Bryan tried to figure it out but couldn’t.  We tried starting it again but then it wouldn’t even start up.  We waited for about an hour and a half while we barbecued and let the kids swim around and then tried to start it again to no avail.  We tried flagging down another boat to tow us back but he wouldn’t do it.  So then we called the ever-so-expensive tow-boat to tow us back to the dock.  We managed to get the boat on the trailer without too much problem besides an impatient man who had to wait an extra few minutes before he could dock his boat.  I worked really, really hard to keep my mouth shut.  But I couldn’t.  Actually, as we passed him on our way out I just said very sarcastically that I hoped he had a GRATE day!  It could’ve been way uglier.  Anyway, we got home safely and the kids actually had a good time, so it wasn’t a complete failure of a day.  Oh, plus the fact that none of my kids got sunburned!  🙂

We sold our little sailboat on e-bay today.  We were hoping to get $500 for it and ended up getting $800 so we were pleasantly surprised when the auction ended.  Unfortunately Dixon’s motorcycle didn’t end up selling because the bidding was lower than the reserve.  We’re going to relist it and hope for better luck this week.  This has been a new experience for us as we’ve never sold anything on e-bay before.  We’re not exactly sure what happens now–I guess we get money then they come pick up the boat, or something like that.  Hopefully it’s not too much of a headache.   

Tomorrow is our first day of swim team.  It will be interesting to see how it works out.  Hayden swims from 7:45-8:45, Porter from 8:30-9:30 and Landon from 9:15-10:00.  And Regan has swim lessons at about the same time as Landon’s practice.  I’m hoping to have Dix drop Hayden off and then I’ll show up at 8:30 with the rest of the crew.  We’ll all hang out until 10 and go home as a totally overheated group of swimmers.  I don’t know how I’ll be able to manage Turner for an hour and a half at the pool.  I may drop Hayden and Turner back off at home right after Hayden’s done.  We’ll see how it goes tomorrow and make plans for the next day based on our success and/or failure.  Wish me luck!

Memorial Day

I hugged a vet today, I get to hug him everyday. We went to the Veteren’s Day Program at church and it was actually very nice. We had breakfast before we left, they had a continental breakfast at the church. There were chairs set up in the cultural hall and a lot of people there. We sat on the last row in front of a bunch of kids who were not sitting with their parents.

The program started off with a color guard from McChord. We sang all the songs from the different services and had all the veterens of those services go up front. Then we had a speaker, Gary Clark, from our ward. It was a very good talk totally non political, centered on the Book of Mormon. There was a short presentation of poetry and slides. We sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic, the color guard retired the colors and we had a closing prayer. At the end someone played taps, it was really nice. I had expected something else and so was pleasantly surprised.

On the way home we decided to go to Home Depot to get some corrugated metal to use under the deck. When we got there dad started to get the white stuff out and I reminded him that what we had was silver color. He thought I was wrong, but I knew I was right. We came home and he still thought I was wrong until I pointed out that the chairs on the downstairs patio were white, and the corrugated metal, though it looked a little white, was actually silver colored. He agreed that I was right.

Kurt, Jackie, Mark and John are all hiking today. It is fairly cool out, with some clouds, but it is supposed to warm up to 70 and not rain. Later this week we are supposed to have an 80 degree day. We are planning a barbeque for this afternoon for all who are in town and want to come. Carolyn and Dave and the girls are going to the beach today. Hope they don’t get too cold. The rest of us will just hang around. We will go for a bike ride as soon as it gets to about 65 degrees. I think we might do our Capital Campus ride today so we can look at all the war memorials.

Is she 58 or 59?

The reason I ask, is that it seems like I celebrated her birthday Wednesday, and then we had another celebration today, so what’s up with that.  I did all of the cooking for a wonderful meal.  Of course, everyone but Leslie and family knows how good it was – salmon and steak, along with salad, cantaloupe, baked potatoes, vegetables, and all perfectly cooked, even if I say so myself.  But at least the family was very considerate to me and after the meal they left me alone in the kitchen to gather my thoughts, while I did the dishes.  No, I take that back, Dale helped me with the dishes, so he moved up on the inheritance ladder. 

It was actually a very fun day.  Rose is so cute.  Tonight she would crawl really fast to get on the blanket so we would play Rock-a-bye baby with her.  I expect Carolyn will write a blog about her birthday party yesterday.  I know she took more than 100 photo, so be prepared for that. 

Tomorrow Mark, his room mate, Kurt and Jackie will drive to the rain forest and take a hike.  I’ve been telling Kurt to take a hike for years, but no, he waits until Mark suggests it.  They should have fun.  Janet and I may take a nice bike ride to the capital campus and visit the various war memorials.  There is also a memorial at the stake center, but we are a bit sensitive because they may turn the event into something political. 

Hope you all have a grate memorial day.  Remember to hug a vet (that is veteran, not vegetarian).

A punishment to fit the crime

We had a busy day today.  Regan, Turner and I went to a birthday party this morning at a splash park nearby.  I was the only adult there besides the parents of the birthday boy so I got to help out with kids and feeding them lunch and so on.  Then I didn’t feel so guilty eating a piece of pizza!  We got home just after twelve and had resting time.  Dix and the three big boys finally showed up at home around 2:30.  Dix’s cell phone had died and they had a little trouble docking the boat without me but he couldn’t call for help so they figured it out on their own.  We swam until about 4:30 and then went in and got cleaned up for a ward party.  It was nice because it was overcast.  It was probably 95 degrees but really didn’t feel that uncomfortable because the sun wasn’t shining on us.  Hayden and Porter got in a water fight toward the end of the party which escalated into a sand fight.  Well, we all know what happens when we throw sand on someone who is wet.  I decided that I didn’t want two wet, sandy boys in my van so I made them walk home.  I left fifteen or twenty minutes later and they were still trudging along in their wet clothes and flip-flops.  Poor them.  The one nice thing was that Porter immediately got in the shower, so now I won’t have to fight him in the morning about taking a shower!  Everyone is all showered and clean and I’m working on laundry right now.  I don’t think anyone had clean church clothes.  Hayden’s are in the dryer, Porter’s are in the washer and I guess I’ll combine loads to make sure everyone else has something clean to wear.  At least we don’t have church until 1.  We’re all exhausted and will probably all sleep in.  I think Porter volunteered to make breakfast.  That should be yummy.  Maybe I’ll go take some bacon out of the freezer.  He’s planning on making pancakes (don’t get too excited–he’s just using the pancake mix they used for breakfast on the boat this morning!).  Hope everyone had fun at Rose’s birthday party today! 

A very good thing

Dad worked on the sprinklers yesterday and thought that he had the whole system tuned up and ready to work.  He went out this morning and discovered that he was very wrong.  He is now off to Home Depot to buy parts and will spend some time trying to get things to work the way they are supposed to.  It is a very good thing he is retired and has time to do those kinds of things. 

We took another 25 mile ride yesterday.  We were pretty beat last night, we were both pushing our bodies up out of our chairs.  I almost fell asleep sitting up reading a book.  I don’t think I am quite up to another long ride today.  The trail will be crowded because of the weekend anyway.  We may just do 10 miles.  I am hoping by next weekend a 30 miler will not be so taxing for us.  I get a sore spot in my neck and have to stop and rest it often.  Dad thinks I look up to high, he is probably right, silly me I just like to know where I am going.

We have Rose’s party at the Nadeau’s today.  I am looking forward to that.  I shall call over there and find out what she wants me to bring foodwise.  Then tomorrow Dale has promised me a delicious dinner for my birthday.  Wow, what a weekend.  Mark will be here tomorrow as well.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow, but then be nice for Memorial Day.  I think on Monday we shall ride our bikes to the Capital Campus and look at all the war memorials or something like that.

Waterlogged, but still kickin’

Well, the water seems to have done the trick.  I haven’t exactly taken it easy today, although I haven’t gone 100% Leslie-style.  In other words I sat down for a while.  I worked on bookwork, I organized the desk and I sat out in the shade while the kids swam.  But I also kept up on my housework and baked bread and cornbread.  I haven’t had any cramping at all today and have less than a quart to go to meet my quota.  No problem-o.  I think Dix is going to take the three older kids out on the boat this evening and they’ll camp out.  Regan has a birthday party to go to tomorrow morning so I’ll drag Turner along and we’ll pretend like it’s just as much fun as tubing on the boat.