Mondays are always hard, but today was particularly hard for some reason.  We swam this weekend and we worked hard in the yard, so I think everyone was just pooped out.  We’re all hoping for an early bedtime tonight (okay, we’re not ALL hoping for one, but I’M hoping we all get one!) and a better day tomorrow.  It wasn’t a bad day, we were just all a bit sluggish.

 Regan and Landon started their second week of swim lessons.  They both love it.  I have them both signed up for another session, but I’m going to cancel it.  We can just practice swimming at home at our convenience–and that way Turner and I can swim, too!  I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Regan will be able to make it on the swim team, but if not, oh well.  All she has to do is to flounder herself all the way across the pool in any stroke–recognizable or otherwise. 

Regan has had an itchy rash on her face and arms the last couple of days.  I’m trying to figure out what caused it.  It could be the cold cereal that I bought (it was 62.5 cents a box, I couldn’t resist), or it could even be the sunscreen I put on her.  Those are the only two things that I can think of that have been different the past couple of days.  If it’s the cereal then it will be hard to narrow down.  There were about 73 different artificial colors and an equal number of artificial flavors, not to mention all the other unpronouncable ingredients.  Why did I buy that stuff again? 

I leave for Women’s Conference on Wednesday.  I’m getting excited.  Regan’s excited for me to go.  She keeps telling me that she wants to sell me so she can get a nicer mommy.  Oh, am I looking forward to when she’s 13. 

One last thing–we finally got our counter top for our island today.  It is beautiful.  I’m so excited.  I don’t know when Dix will install it.  Probably not until the end of the week when he’s home with the kids.  Now all we have to do is the tile work (fix the six or so tiles on the floor that need fixed and the back splash) and the fillers and moldings.  It should only be six more months or so! 

Bath time!  Turner is barely recognizable under all the dirt, boogers and food.  All of Regan and Landon’s dirt came off in the pool!  Glad I wasn’t swimming in it!

Procession of the Species

I came down to Olympia yesterday for the Procession of the Species.  Dale and I went downtown shortly after I arrived, and the Nadeaus joined us later.  I took lots of pictures, and here they are:

Procession of the Species 2007

I recorded a video of the leaping dolphins thing too, which hopefully I’ll be able to put on YouTube – I uploaded it but there may have been an error with it.

Smooth Sailing

Life seems to be sailing along without any major mishaps lately.  We spent the week working hard on school and chores.  The kids are doing so much better since I made a very strict schedule and a very strict time for them to get their chores done (they don’t get breakfast until their chores are done and breakfast is cleared off the table no later than 8:30).  Porter has been unbelievably cooperative.  He really thrives with a schedule.  We’ve gotten a ton done this week. 

We didn’t have anything scheduled for Saturday outside of the home (amazing!) so we spent the day working on the yard.  I taught Porter how to use the weed whacker, Hayden mowed the lawn, Dixon cleaned all the cabinets off the patio, and I cleaned out the pool.  The kids spent a couple of hours in the pool–our first big day in the pool!  It hit 100 degrees yesterday and the pool was about 80.  Nobody got sunburned except for me…a tiny little stripe on my shoulder and a little tiny spot on my back and of course my feet.  Turner is a little afraid of the pool–just like Regan was at his age.  He’ll get used to it soon.  He’ll want to get in as soon as it warms up enough for me to actually get in and play with him.  A dust storm hit just as I was finishing up the pool.  It was really gross.  The sky was really brown and the air felt really weird.  It blew our neighbor’s sun umbrella over our fence and into our pool.  I was still standing next to the pool and it really scared me. 

 Dix and I went to the temple on Friday night with a group of friends in “The Oliver Express” and then last night we went out to dinner with another group of friends.  I’m looking forward to being home today and just going to church and then probably doing Family Home Evening.  I am leaving for Women’s Conference on Wednesday and will be back on Saturday.  So my kids are looking forward to having three days off school. 

On Friday when we were at the temple, the kids read the scriptures by themselves before we got home.  It was really cute having them tell us about it.  We were very proud of them.  It was Alma Chapter 61 or so when Pahoran answers back to Moroni’s nasty epistle.  The boys love that whole story.  They were excited to hear how Pahoran would answer back.  They love reading Alma.  Boys love reading those war chapters, don’t they?

Well, I’ve got five children to get showered.  Luckily I did haircuts recently so I only have one child’s hair to comb.  Hope you all are having a great weekend.



Half way there


It is hard to believe that our cruise is at the half way point.  Each day we have been losing a hour.  Rather than doing it at midnight, they do it at noon.  So at 12:00 it becomes 1:00.  I keep missing lunch that way – helps the waistline.

We will be in the Azores tomorrow then a day at sea etc.  We are enjoying out cruise and have met some interesting and fun people.  Janet and I are on a team of four in the Trivia team contest.  We are at or near first place.  I haven’t added much.   We exercise each morning and then have a breakfast and prepare for lunch.  WE’ve enjoyed dance classes. 

Today we will listen to  conference talks and have a restfull day. 

If you want us to know anything, please post it.  Love, Mom and Dad

Our day in court

Well, Mom and Dad now have a deadline to be home by: May 14th.  That’s the beginning of the trial of the young gentleman who robbed their house.  Mom, Dad, and I have been subpoenaed to be witnesses.

It would be my first time in a courtroom, although I actually doubt if it will go that far.  I’m thinking there will be a plea bargain and we’ll never get called in.

What a week

Regan and Landon started swim lessons this week.  Regan started in the preschool class and Landon is doing stroke school, which is a conditioning school for swim team.  The first day it was windy and rainy and quite cool (for our standards), Regan was nervous about swim lessons and then to top it all off, she found out that her teacher was a boy.  “I wanted a GIRL teacher!”  Argh.  She cried for about five minutes until I kept pointing out how much fun all the other (crying) kids were having.  She finally decided to join her class and then of course she had a great time.  Yesterday she cried again for a minute or two and then had fun.  Landon is having a ball in his class.  There are about five or six other boys his age and he knows most of them from swim team last year.  I took Turner with me yesterday while they swam and he had so much fun running around.  It was fun for one day, but it may get old by the end of the summer! 

Regan has her friend Haylee over to play today.  I’m not sure who’s having more fun, the girls or Turner.  He’s been chasing them around squealing, and he laughs at absolutely anything Haylee says or does.  It’s pretty hilarious to watch him.  He’s like a 13 year old girl chasing a boy she likes.  All I can say is it’s a good thing the baby will be a boy–I’d be worried if he was surrounded by girls all the time!

School is going great this week.  We’ve really stayed on track and gotten a lot done.  I think we’ve done school every weekday in April.  I’ll be going to Women’s Conference next Wednesday, so the kids will get three days off then.  We’ll do school for the rest of May and then we’ll determine when the end of our school year will be.  Hopefully before October!  I think maybe the end of June.  We’ll have to see how many lessons are left in math and grammer.  That’s kind of how I’m gauging it. 

Recess is over.  Back to work!

Bon Voyage

This may be our last entry for a while.  We are all packed and ready to leave and are in the motel lobby next door using their computers.  We are excited, even though there are a lot of old people in the motels, and they are all going on the same cruise as we are.  We will avoid them as best we can since we are so young and able bodied.  Dad almost got run over today by a lady in a motorized scooter for old people who can’t walk.  I think we were on a cruise with her before.  I Dad bought a hat yesterday to replace the one he left on the airplane.  We also bought some soda’s because they never have Dr. Pepper on the ships.  Hope you are all well.  Email us or blog and we will try to read it when we can.  Just remember, bad news is a real downer on vacation.  Dad has his cell phone and we will try and call you on Sunday and again on Tuesday and after that it will be postcards and letters in the mail.  Love you all.

Great concert tonight

Hayden had his penultimate concert for the year tonight.  Porter went with me to the concert and Dix stayed home with the three little kids and got them to bed.  It was a really nice concert.  Porter was surprisingly good company and he actually enjoyed the concert and had some intelligent observations and opinions about the music.  He has really come a long way this year. 

Hayden and Dix have a temple trip in the morning at the same time as my Stake Activity Day activity.  Then at 3 they go to set up the Scout Auction which begins at 4.  It will be a busy day.  Hopefully we can get all the housework done between the activities. 

Greetings from Tampa

We had a nice flight yesterday and arrived without incident.  We had a car reserved with Hertz and they had to upgrade up to a Blazer – ok, Trailblazer, but it was nice.  We weren’t as happy at the hotel as we had reserved a non-smoking King room – well at least it was a room.  They did give us a non-smoking room after a 1/2 mile trip back to the lobby.  Janet actually liked the two doubles as she used one and I used one – she slept really well.  We didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am on Friday and slept in until 8:oo local.  That would be 5:00 in your time zone. 

After breakfast we went looking around and went to the Holocoust Museum, which was educational, but not what you could all fun.  We drove all around St Petersburg and along the coast.  We ate lunch in a beach area along a boardwalk.  It was sunny and rather cool today – mid 70’s.  We got back to the hotel, after a BBQ dinner, around 7:00.  We’re taking the car back tonight and tomorrow at 11:30 we will shuttle to the cruise ship.  Our wifi doesn’t work in the room, so I’m in the lobby. 

From here on out, we’ll call one of you and if you would post what we are doing on the blog, we would appreciate it.  After Tuesday, we’ll be out of reach for many a day.  Love you guys,  Dad