Backwards panties

Lacy put her panties on backwards this morning. I told her, “Lacy, you need to turn those around.” So what does she do? She spins around! She is such a girl.

And because I’m still a doofus at posting pictures, here’s one of my little angel to test out my picture posting skills.
My troublemaker

We have internet!

We haven’t had the Internet the past two nights because we have been at Hildebrand’s and they have dial-up.  We could have used it, but it would have tied up their phone so we just waited. 

Our last day on the road was interesting and fun.  We spent the morning in Arches and were trying to get through it fast because it was supposed to start snowing and we wanted to get on the road.  We decided we wanted to go via all interstate because of the threat of snow.  We found out that all the scenery in southern Utah is spectacular.  Unfortunately a lot of the scenery was obscured with fog and mist, and it was snowing in several areas.  It was a nice drive, and we had fun on the last leg of our journey.  We listened to a lot of programs on our ipod that we had downloaded. 

We decided to spend some time with Marilyn and Jake so we canceled our reservations at the motel and drove out to Tooele.  They were really happy to see us.  That night we had about 10 inches of snow.  It was pretty amazing the next morning.  We looked out on a scene right out of Currier and Ives.  We didn’t expect that.  So far we had a morning where the car was encased in ice (Grand Canyon) with the temperature about 26 degrees.  Another day we had a high of 99 degrees.  We’ve also high winds, heavy rains, fog, and of course plenty of sunshine.  Good thing I packed both winter and summer clothes.  I have used my winter coat several times, and been glad that I brought it with me.

It is now Friday night.  Leslie is in a room next to us in the Crystal Inn close to where my mom lives.  We have baked the pork and shredded it for the party tomorrow.  I need to make the sauce and do a lot of things tomorrow.  We will start setting up at 12 and the party starts at 4 and goes until 7.  We have seen a lot of people and will see a lot more before this is over.  I am really tired and will be going to bed in just a few minutes. 


Regan’s Birthday: Part One

march-010.jpgThis is Regan’s birthweek.  We had a family party today since Dix won’t be with us in SLC this weekend and her birthday is on Saturday.  We’re having a little party tomorrow at Grandma Hoho’s in St George, and then will have another little party with the Abersold clan in SLC sometime on Saturday.  She really wants a friend party, so we may do a little something next week with her three friends.  After I took these pictures I realized that I really should have washed her face after dinner/before cake.  We were in a real hurry, though, because Dix and Hayden had to be at the church early for Mutual tonight.  She was so cute and excited about everything.  She helped decorate the cake and kept reminding me of the order of the rainbow.  I taught her that a few months ago when Landon was studying it in science, and she always draws rainbows with the colors in the right order.  She’s such a girl!  Speaking of being a girl, our ultrasound is on April 17th–Regan’s really pulling for a little sister! 


Another day – more National Parks

Today’s weather was not too grate, but we had a really grate time.  Our hotel last night was very nice, but the water smelled and tasted like it had onions.  Our breakfast wasn’t grate either, but the day was.  We were at the Capital Reef National Park just as it opened at 9:00 am and we were very impressed with the beauty of the place.  We just couldn’t believe that as we would round another turn, there was something even more spectacular than at the last turn.  I think we took about 65 photos of the place and they are grate too.  I’ll see if I can attach a link, but Picasa is being slow tonight.  We stayed in that park until around 11 a.m. and then we continued on down the road.  It was a national scenic by-way and wow.  Just when we thought we were going to be in boring desert, up popped some more beauty. 

We then drove to the Natural Bridges National Monument and that was nice too.  It was not as spectacular as the other places, but really neat.  We walked a bit, but the wind was picking up and so was dust.  There was not a place to eat or buy gas for over 120 miles so when we finally reached Blanding we were starved.  It was 3 p.m. so we found a local “kinda fast” food place and ate something to tide us over.  We continued our drive to Moab and are here at a hotel.  It was dusty and rained a bit, just enough to make a mess.  Tomorrow the forecast is for rain here, and snow in SLC.  They could receive from 4 to 10 inches.  We’ll play it by ear. 

We plan on staying at Marilyn’s place tomorrow so we can wash our clothes, get a great meal and buy some books at her library.  Thursday we get really serious about the birthday reception. 

Love you guys. 

Here is a link to the pictures.  I labeled them CRNP for Capital Reef, HW24 for the highway, GCNRA for Glen Canyon National Recreational Area and NBNM for Natural Bridges National Monument.  See if you can see the bridges.  They are hard to see because the background is the same as the foreground.

Waiting on snow.

Tonight we are in Torrey Utah, they have several places to stay here.  It is very close to Capital Reef National Monument.  We are almost alone in the motel, this is the off season. 

We had quite a day.  We drove through Zion and Bryce National Parks today.  We have been to Zion’s before and dad thinks he has been to Bryce but doesn’t remember that it was so unusual.  Bryce is filled with features called hoodoo’s, which are stone spires eroded into fantastic shapes. 

The most interesting part of the day came when we drove out of a city named Escalante.  We drove through some woods and up a hillside, we were up quite high.  We came to a scenic view and stopped.  We could look out over Bryce far in the distance and it was so beautiful.  The whole valley was bright with light and the stone features were clearly visible.  We were up to 9600 feet.  To get there we drove along the ridgeline with a steep slope on either side of the road.  It gave us a very strange feeling to be on the ridgeline with no guard rails between us the the rocky valleys below.  We tried to get a picture, but it just didn’t have the same impact.  This place is amazing.  You don’t expect that over the next ridge will be a vista of exotic rock shapes, but it happens all the time.  I am glad we came here, I am glad we don’t live here.  

I wanted to get out of the high country because tonight it is supposed to snow.  We have our coats, I just hope we don’t need them. Until tomorrow.

Photos Grand Canyon:



Where did Vote for the Worst go?

I’m not a big American Idol fan (I do watch on occasion but I don’t know the contestant’s name other than Melinda “no neck” and Sanjaya, and I certainly don’t vote!) but I really enjoy reading the blog “Vote for the Worst.” Suddenly it is gone! Have the producers at AI flexed their muscles and made go away? Perhaps my more internet-savvy brothers have heard something?

Our cruise…condensed version

I wrote about 7 pages in my journal about the cruise, but won’t bore you with the details. You know how it is–eat, sleep and be merry. I have to admit, it was much merrier without the kids! We spent the first few days holed up in our rooms a lot until we started getting to know the people at our table. We really started hanging out with them and ended up having a great time together. What an unlikely bunch we were: a 40-something single lady from Connecticut, a 91-year-old widower from NYC, a 43-year old male chef from San Diego, a 40’s divorced lady and her 14 year old daughter and a 40 something single french-canadian lady. Dix and I were the only couple. We all got along really well and spent evenings together at karaoke, the piano bar or the disco. At one of our first nights at the karaoke I talked Dix into trying out for Elton John–and he won. Here is the result of that.


We had rough seas that night and he got totally seasick waiting in the hot and stuffy dressing room right at the front of the boat! We had a great time and were thrilled when Mom and Dad offered to watch the kids for us again soon!

Grand Canyon – it really is grand.

Janet wrote the following last evening, so I’ll just post it here and I’ll add today’s at the bottom: 

What a day we have had. I don’t know how far we have walked, but it is plenty far. Dad has sore feet and I am just tired all over and want to go to bed now, it is just 9, so it may happen soon. I had my teeth brushed at 8. We started off the day with a trip down US 89 to get to Sunset Crater National Monument. We hiked around there quite a bit. This is a place that Hayden went on a school trip. He wasn’t impressed. I am sure it was because you don’t actually get to hike on the crater rim, but rather around the base. It is a cinder cone. If you tried hiking on the side you would slither down hill. We enjoyed looking at the old lava flows and seeing the desert from where we were at 7000 feet high. Of course the pictures we took will not convey the beauty around us. The colors were fantastic. We then drove in a loop to Wapatki National Monument which is an area of several ruins, some have been somewhat reconstructed. They were really quite impressive and we took a lot of pictures, which will not be as cool as seeing the ruins.

We made it back to US 89 and turned onto the road which leads to the Grand Canyon. The last time we were here was in 1968 on our way to Mineral Wells, Texas. I can remember there were a lot of native American’s by the side of the rode selling things off of blankets. Now they have set up rickety areas of sheds in which they can sell things. Since this is the off season most of the sellers were gone.

We got into the park and stopped to get my passport stamped and look at our first views of the canyon. It is spectacular. I think the last time we were here we only spent a few hours. I can remember being disappointed that the colors seemed washed out. I think we must have been here in the middle of a very sunny day. Today was partly overcast and the colors seemed more vivid than I remembered. We spent quite a while driving and stopping to look. We parked the car and made our sandwiches and ate and then drove on.

We finally made it to our hotel, the El Tovar just after 4 and checked in. We have a nice room overlooking the canyon. We got our things in the room and went out to the rim. While we were there we were lucky enough to see four California Condors flying over the canyon. We got some incredible shots of them. They are very impressive. We then took a bus and rode out to an area along the rim where there are several overlooks . The sun was setting and the colors were getting brighter and brighter. We were so tired at this point that we just rode the bus out to the turn around and then rode right back. We walked from the bus stop to a cafeteria which was close by where we ate dinner. Then we had to hike back to the hotel. I begged to take the bus, but Dale said no we had to walk. It was dark, the wind was blowing and the sidewalks were uneven. A very unpleasant walk. We finally made it back and are resting up. We want to get an early start in the morning.

Added by Dale:  Janet sure is a wuss about the walk.  The bus ride was an unknown.  We didn’t know when it came or for sure where it would let us off, so I (arthritic feet and all) said let’s walk. 

Okay, for today, I woke up a bit after 6:00 and so Janet and I went out to see the sun rise.  It was beautiful, and there weren’t that many people out that time of day.  We took more pictures, but they don’t do justice to seeing the real thing.  It was well below freezing when we went out for the 6:30 sunrise, so we returned to our hotel room and ate breakfast (not provided in the $175 room) and showered and were on our way before 9:00.  We took a shuttle bus to the main park headquarters and chatted with them for a while, then we took another shuttle to East extreme of the park (Yaki Point).  It was very pleasant as few people were up.  We took the shuttle to place called Pipe Creek Vista and enjoyed that view, then we walked along the rim for about a mile and a half.  There were very few people along the path and we really loved it.  We ate lunch in a cafeteria and then walked to where church services were being held.  On the way I realized that this was fast Sunday – oh well.  There were only about 35 people in attendance and probably 15 were visitors.  We were some of the only ones wearing Jeans.  It was a nice service; I like their two hour block meeting – although we only stayed for the 55 minute Sacrament Meeting.

We left the park after church and proceeded east.  We took highway 89 and then 89A and couldn’t believe that it was beautiful all of the way.  Wow.  Janet shot off 30 photos or so as we drove.  We finally got to Kanab and decided to spend the night.  We checked out a dump hotel, then went to a nice one, for the same price. 

I’ll post pictures another day.  Too much work now. 

The Symphony

Last night I attended the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall, where they performed one of my favorites:  Shostakovich’s Tenth Symphony.  And while I already thought it was awesome on the cd I own, hearing it live is something else entirely.  It’s really incredible.  I think I’m going to become a regular visitor of the symphony now.

Speaking of musical instruments, I brought in my violin to Bischofberger’s for some maintenance.  It’s going to be fairly expensive – over 200 dollars – but after I told the man that we originally bought the violin from him, he said “Well, since you got it here, I’ll charge you less for it.”

I also went to the temple yesterday, doing baptisms with the three university wards.  I hadn’t done baptisms in a while, so it was nice to do.


This morning I gave Turner and Regan a special treat…a bubble bath.  As soon as I put Turner in, he started screaming and tried wiping the bubbles off his body.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was really trying not to laugh at him as I hurriedly washed him and got him out of that evil, scary bath!  I guess no bubble baths for a while!