In the water at last.

Today we planned on getting up and leaving the lodge early.  We were headed out to Hanauma bay to do some snorkeling.  We are on Ford Island which is west of Waikiki.  Hanauma bay is located on the far eastern edge and a little north.  You have to drive all the way across the south side, which runs along the most highly populated and heavily used areas of Oahu.  We got on the H1 heading east.  Suddenly we were off the freeway right in the middle of town, and we still can’t figure out what went wrong, but obviously it wasn’t the navigator (no finger pointing going on here).  It took us a while and much muttering, we found our way through town during rush hour and back onto the freeway.  We talked about the first time we went snorkeling at Hanauma bay.  We had been told to leave valuables at home, but we needed our id cards, drivers license and snorkeling gear, that is what we brought.  We also needed one dollar to get into the parking lot which we didn’t bring.  We ended up having to drive all the way back to our motel for money and then back to snorkeling, but we made it in time.  The parking lot fills up and then you can’t go in.  We parked (we remembered our dollar) and went in.  You must watch a film about preserving the coral and not feeding the fish and then we walked down to the beach.  It is not a long walk but quite steep.  We staked out our place and then got ready to go in the water.  Brrr, I had forgotten the feeling of walking into cold ocean water.  I am not as brave as Kurt who just leaps in.  I eased in telling dad to forget it I was staying on the beach.  I finally quit stalling and made the plunge.  It is really incredible the variety of fish we saw.  Several very large ones, but mostly medium sized fish.  Most were quite colorful and some unique to the Hawaiian Islands.  We stayed out there quite a while, dad scolded several people for stepping on the coral.  When we got cold we went back to our towels and went to shower the salt off.  Walking out after being in the water a long time gave us a weird feeling.  We sat on the beach a while and decided we were not going into the water again so we might as well go home and shower.  We made it home without getting lost, where’s the fun in that?

The afternoon was spent driving very slowly because of heavy traffic out to another military recreation site. This one was quite nice but so far out we decided it wasn’t worth it.  We did get to see a monk seal basking on the beach.  There were four young boys who were boogie boarding there, looked like fun.  We drove part way back and turned off at the resort we had stayed at a few years back and looked at the new condos they are building there.  They had tried to sell us a condo when we came before and we declined, of course, but enjoyed the $100 credit they gave us for listening to their sales pitch.  The area will soon be filled with condos for people who like to do the very same thing every year.  We, on the other hand enjoy new places where we can wander around lost.

We missed the exit we wanted to take to find a place to eat dinner and then took the wrong exit to get home.  We kind of expected that we would do something like that so it was taken in stride.  It sounds like we do nothing but wander around looking for where we want to be.  Nothing is farther from the truth, except that last statement.  When we finally got back we fixed some dinner in our room and settled down to relax from our day.  We are a little footsore, a little sunburned and having a grate time.

We know we are missing out on lovely weather back home.  By the way all you Washingtonians.  Leslie and her kids didn’t go out today because it was cold and windy in Arizona, it never made it up to 70 and she didn’t want to take the time to go get the jackets out.   

It rained on us.

We spent most of the morning looking for military bases on Oahu.  Kurt and Mark may remember what that is like from our trip to California when Kurt was 14.  You drive around the worst parts of town and you are thinking “this doesn’t look like a place I would want to spend the night”.  When all of a sudden you see it, a military base, and in the worst part of town.  We finally found it and decided that we wouldn’t want to stay there for several reasons.  First of course is because it is too far away from everything, second, it is a little run down looking and third the beach was nice and deserted but the wave action was way too high for my tastes.  I would need a sea anchor the size of Manhatten to stay in one place, that and there were no coral reefs to speak of.  I don’t want to mention that we were lost for a large part of the time while we were looking for it.  But being lost in Hawaii is not as bad as being lost in some places.  On Hawaii, you will eventually run into the end of the road.  In some places you can drive on forever.  Our agenda for the day was to find the military places, go to the Dole plantation, walk to some falls, go to the temple and talk to this guy at the Polynesian Cultural Center about missionary opportunities.  Mission accomplished on everything, except the guy at the PCC was at a meeting.  Dad is going to try and call him.  I guess they need someone to help with some accounting.  Dad thinks he is the guy they need.  I am not so sure.  We enjoyed our day and are quite tired tonight.  We are going snorkeling tomorrow so I am making this short so I can go to bed.  If we get home earlier tomorrow I will fill in a few details about today, or else dad will.

Happy Birthday Carolyn!

The morning that Carolyn was born, Dale and I were shipped off to the Jaspersens at an unearthly hour to finish our night’s sleep.  I guess I decided that I was too sick to go to school, so I waited around for news of my new sibling.  Was I ever excited to find out that it was a sister!  YES!!!  Suddenly, I recovered!  I was well enough to go to school after all.  I remember very clearly walking into my 1st grade classroom and being surrounded by all these kids who were excited to hear my news.  It’s a good thing it wasn’t kindergarten or I would’ve had to mime it since I didn’t talk!  I was so excited to have my new baby sister and I’m still glad to have a sister!  Happy Birthday Carolyn!

Pardon Faults

During the Sacrament hymn on Sunday we sang the line, “Pardon faults, Oh Lord we pray.”  Regan leaned over to me and said, “They just said farts!”  It was a little hard to feel the Spirit much after that.  At least she was listening!

Are we having fun yet?

We woke up before 7, but that would have been before 9 back home.  I would like to take a nice walk this morning, but I am sure dad won’t want to go with me.  We will have to find the commisary and stock up on some supplies.  We will be doing picnic lunches, not to save money, to save time.  We won’t want to take an hour or more for lunch when we can eat on the fly.  We will probably go to the temple today and see that end of the island.  I would like to find a beach and do some snorkeling later on.  I am sure finding a beach on an island won’t be a problem.  Since we have internet in our room we will send updates at the beginning and end of each day.  Here is my request for today.  I didn’t bring my address book.  I would like to send a postcard out to those little children who would like to receive one.  Please send you addresses to me via my gmail account so I can do that.  My gmail address is  Try to do this sometime today so I can get those off as soon as possible.


We are getting ready to leave, packing is all done.  I am watering the plants and winding the clocks.  We are anxious to have a little fun, I thought that retirement was going to be a big party.  Not so much.  Mostly it is just everyday stuff, interspersed with lots of dreaming about going places.  I am hoping our wanderlust will be sated by the time we get back in May.  We do have 1 day here in March and 15 whole days in April, at which time we plan on finishing the kitchen and getting the spring cleaning done.  The cleaning will be easier this year with dad home to help.  He loves doing the outside of all the windows.  He especially loves it when I point out places he needs to redo.

This will be my last post until we are in a warmer place.  We know it will rain when we are on the Big Island, at least that is what the forcast says.  I don’t mind rain when the outside temperture is above 75 degrees.  The rain you get at 45 degrees is a cold, miserable rain that beats you down.

Think happy thoughts while we are away.  If there should be a big problem while we are gone, please, keep it to yourselves.  We would like to think all is well when we are not around to fix things.

Girl for Sale

Things that happened at the Olivers today:
-Regan broke a plate.
-Regan hijacked 6 bottles of spices and made concoctions in her room.
-Regan spilled an entire bottle of cumin on her carpet.
-Leslie tried to make enchiladas and was out of cumin.
-While putting aforementioned bottles away, Regan dropped the only glass one down the stairs resulting in major shard cleanup.
-We lost the cat.
-We found the cat with a choke chain on, nearly suffocated and stuck behind the dryer (culprit:  Regan).
-Regan peed in my bed…massively…I didn’t know a three year old bladder could hold so much.
-Regan puked in her bed.

I’m ready for bed.  Anyone want to buy an adorable three year old girl?  Sorry, no refunds.