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Funny Gifts 2010

So I created a new list of Funny Gifts for the Greatest Abersold Family Tradition, to be held Christmas Eve 2010 at Mom and Dad’s house in unincorporated Thurston County, Washington.

I started by taking last year’s list and shifting the list one spot.  I had to do a little shuffling with the list, as my original list had Kurt giving a gift to himself.  I arranged the list so nobody gives a gift to a person they have given a gift to since 2007, the year we revived the tradition.

The list is as follows:

Porter gives to Grandma
Hayden gives to Dale
Kurt gives to Hayden
Mark gives to Porter
Carolyn gives to Grandpa
Leslie gives to Carolyn
Dale gives to Dixon
Dixon gives to Leslie
Grandma gives to Mark
Grandpa gives to Kurt

My stage debut.

Tonight was the Relief Society Christmas party and it was lovely.  The decorations were beautiful.  Many of us brought nativity sets from home for display and there were some beautiful ones there including two of mine, my Polish nativity and one I got at the Nuremberg Christmas market.  The nativities were on the tables for display, along with evergreen branches, electric tea lights, strings of lights and yards of tulle. 

The food was very good and not typical for a Christmas dinner.  We had fruit to begin, then chicken cutlets with either marinara or Alfredo sauce, noodles and a yummy salad.  For dessert there was a chocolate fountain with fruit or sweets to be covered in chocolate.  Everything is better if it is covered in chocolate. 

The program consisted of several women who assumed the role of a woman at the time of the saviors birth, including Elizabeth, Mary and others.   It was nicely done and very touching. I was asked to take the part of the mother of Joseph, I even had a costume that I had made several years ago.  

The evening was successful, everyone enjoyed the entertainment.  We all enjoyed being served by some of the men in the ward.  We also had some men who served in the nursery so moms who had no one to mind the children at home could enjoy it with us.  There was a very different feeling at this party.  The ward party was a little disappointing because we never talked about the birth of Christ.  It was a great party and lots of fun but…

So I have found that a successful and satisfying church Christmas party needs to include appropriate seasonal music, decorations that are tasteful and remind us of the birth of the Savior, food that is yummy and entertainment that reminds us of what we are celebrating.  Sounds easy, but I’m sure it is not.  I do not enjoy planning parties, I am glad someone else planned this one.  It was lovely, thanks to all.  I did my bit and helped clean up.  I can do that very well.


It is not too early to think about feasting during the season of Christmas.  I have sample menus for meals and would appreciate input from the family.  I have decided we will eat a big meal on Christmas Eve and then just snack on Christmas day.  It will save us from having to miss out on all the fun on Christmas day and to be able to concentrate on feeling the Christmas spirit instead of just feeling tired. 

Christmas Eve dinner will be: Ham, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, favorite salad, tossed salad, rolls and a dessert to be determined.

Christmas Day will be: Clam dip, Cheese ball, chili cheese dip, creamy Southwestern chicken dip, pina colada dip, pumpkin dessert dip, sandwiches, crudites, spiced nuts and desserts to be determined. 

I am hoping Dale wouldn’t mind doing the “bar” again.  That was so much fun.  If anyone has any ideas buy drink ingredients and we will have our drinkmeister mix them for us.  I will try to find a punch bowl for the popular sherbet drink. 

Mark, you can make whatever you want when you get here.  If you need special ingredients and you won’t get here until late on Christmas eve just let me know and I can shop for you.

Kurt, we are depending on you for the uplifting music, and whatever else you want to provide for our evening and day of fun.  You don’t have to be with us the whole time if you get over stimulated (that goes for all the bachelors). 

Leslie and Carolyn, let me know if there are special recipes you want to have for either day, and Carolyn let me know which day you will be in Shelton.

We will have a Christmas eve program which will involve singing and hopefully some musical presentations by the grandchildren.  I am trying to assemble some costumes for our pageant. 

Let me know what I have forgotten here.  I am sure you all have wonderful ideas, so post them.  This will be our forum for planning.

On Christmas day I want some stations set up downstairs for fun.  A table for games and one for puzzles and maybe something else.  Let me know what you want.

Offensive Gifts 2009

We decided to pick names for the offensive gift–I mean funny gift–for next year right now. 

Carolyn gives to Hayden

Porter gives to Dale

Dix gives to Mark

Kurt gives to Porter

Les gives to Dix

Hayden gives to Kurt

Mark gives to Grandpa

Dale gives to Les

Grandma gives to Carolyn

Grandpa gives to Grandma

Maybe I won’t be still working on it as the first person opens theirs next time.  🙂

Merry Christmas Eve!

Yes, I know it’s not Christmas Eve yet.  It’s just that I was feeling a little sentimental.  In a good way.  Just thinking of all of the fun and many quirky memories and traditions we have.  Silly things like the angel eating watermelon, and Dale’s famous “Merry Christmas Eve!”  What other weird, wacky or wonderful Christmas memories do you have?

Looking Ahead

I’d like to start thinking about Christmas presents for this year.  I think we move one more person down the totem pole.  So that would be:

  •  Dale gives to Mark
  •  Les gives to Kurt and family
  •  Carolyn gives to Dale
  •  Mark gives to Les and family
  •  Kurt gives to Carolyn and family

And of course everyone gives to mom and dad.  But something very light (under a pound).

And for funny gifts…Do we want to just move down last years list?  I’m assuming that everyone that participated last year wants to participate again, and those that didn’t, won’t. 

So this year it would be:

  • Dad gives to Dix
  • Mom gives to Les
  • Dix gives to Carolyn
  • Dale gives to Kurt
  • Les gives to Hayden
  • Carolyn gives to Dale
  • Mark gives to Mom
  • Kurt gives to Mark
  • Hayden gives to Dad

Except that mom giving to dad would be kind of lame so I mixed it up just a bit.  So let’s plan on this unless there are any complaints and/or suggestions.  As for the kids who want to do funny gifts, let’s say that Hayden set the precedent and the kids can begin participating when they are 13.  So that means that we don’t have to include Porter until next year. 

Making a list and checking it twice, or more, depending…

Here is a new blog that I think will get lots of comments.  Mark made a couple of suggestions on Sunday when I spoke with him of things that he would like for Christmas.  He said he would post it to the blog for whoever has his name.  So here is the blog where everyone can make a Christmas wish list for whoever has your name this year.  We also need to determine a dollar amount for the gifts.  If you have any suggestions for amount for the gifts post here and we will count and decide.  Be creative in what you ask for, it’s more fun that way.  As far as funny gifts are concerned, there will be no help from the blog, you are on your own.  As far as gifts from mom and dad, some of you have been naughty and won’t be getting much, (just kidding).     

Funny gifts

We’re happy to resume the family tradition of funny gifts this year!  Remember, keep them funny, be creative, and remember that irreverence is the rule rather than the exception.  This is also the first year that Hayden will be giving (and receiving) a funny gift, so remember, I’ve got high expectations, buddy.

  • Dad gives to Leslie
  • Mom gives to Dave
  • Dixon gives to Dad
  • Dale gives to Carolyn
  • Leslie gives to Kurt
  • Dave gives to Hayden
  • Carolyn gives to Dixon
  • Mark gives to Dale
  • Kurt gives to Mom
  • Hayden gives to Mark