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Turner started feeling sick this afternoon. Lethargic actually. It was AWESOME. He just laid around and didn’t even care if he was watching TV or staring into space. He started running a fever but it wasn’t bad so we didn’t treat it. Tonight just before 8, as I was walking into the house from Pack Meeting, Turner started having a seizure. It lasted a couple of minutes and wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t even really too upset about it since we’ve experienced this before and it didn’t have a lasting effect on Regan (she was about 2 or 3). He never perked up afterwards, so I cleaned him up and laid him in my bed. About an hour later (and a Priesthood blessing and several cute prayers by his siblings) he had another seizure. The second one was longer than the first. It seemed to go on forever. Realistically it probably wasn’t more than a couple of minutes, but it felt like half an hour! After the second seizure, we decided that we should take him to the hospital. So Dix got him all loaded up and they left just after 9. Turner perked up a bit after the second seizure and could actually speak coherently. He was not too upset–who knows how much of this evening he has any memory of. I’ll update tomorrow. It’s probably nothing that a little Tylenol can’t handle.

Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s not quite your birthday here in WA, but in most parts of the world it is, including the part of the world that you live in!  Happy Birthday!  I can’t believe you already have your tree.  That’s supposed to be what you do on your birthday! 

Hayden had his second wrestling match tonight and pinned his opponent.  The kid right before him had to wrestle a girl.  I was so afraid he was going to have to wrestle her.  Luckily, most of the girl wrestlers are small, so he should never have to do that.  But if Porter decides to do this next year….yikes. 

Have a great birthday dad!  We love you lots!


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Merry Christmas Eve!

Yes, I know it’s not Christmas Eve yet.  It’s just that I was feeling a little sentimental.  In a good way.  Just thinking of all of the fun and many quirky memories and traditions we have.  Silly things like the angel eating watermelon, and Dale’s famous “Merry Christmas Eve!”  What other weird, wacky or wonderful Christmas memories do you have?

Potato Salads, Karaoke, and Laser Pointers, OH MY!

We had a good time on Sunday.  We were very glad to get home from church (it was a little stressful in the hall with our 9 children waiting for our turn for the Bishop’s office), but we had a grate time once we got home.  We had a fairly uneventful afternoon with yummy food (including two different versions of potato salad) and then we headed over to Kurt’s for some karaoke.  My throat and head hurt for two days afterwards.  Does that give you an idea of how much fun we had?  We sang our hearts out and had a lot of laughs.  Continue reading Potato Salads, Karaoke, and Laser Pointers, OH MY!

Happy Hahoween, Too!

We started off at the church with the trunk or treat.  It was fun seeing many of our friends, and it was great letting the kids just kind of go off on their own.  Regan trick-or-treated with Melissa Shoop, Landon with Keagan, Hayden took Turner, and Porter was with Layne.  Cooper and I sat at the Suburban with Donna and we handed out treats.  Cooper was a big hit.  Everyone wanted to take a bite of him!  Just in case you can’t tell, here’s the lineup:  Landon was a knight in shining armor, and then once we got home he became a ninja.  Cooper was a Gingerbread baby, Regan was Pocahontas, Turner was a skeleton, Porter and Hayden were both Stripling Warriors (they kept calling themselves “Rippling” Warriors). 

Cooper was so pooped out that he fell asleep on the way home from the trunk or treat. 


This is how cute he looked before we left for the trunk or treat. 

Regan, Landon, Hayden and I went trick or treating around the neighborhood after we got home.  Turner just did the neighbors right around our house, Porter didn’t feel like trick or treating.  Hayden went to a party at the Millers with a bunch of the beehives (and hopefully at least one other boy) (actually he probably wouldn’t mind if he was the only boy), so then Regan and I did more of our neighborhood, then headed down to Kurt’s.  We hung out there for a while and did a little karaoke and had some hot chocolate.  We waited for Marilyn and Jackie to get back so Regan could play with her for a minute before we came home.  We had a fun night.  I’m glad it’s Friday.  It will be nice to be able to sleep in (??) tomorrow. 

****UPDATE******  He WAS the only boy.  And he didn’t mind.  There were about ten girls.  Nice odds. (Cortney, Michelle, Jessica, Hannah, Emily, Angela, Shantae, Lauren and a friend of hers, I think that’s it.)

Happy Hahoween!

We had lots of fun trick or treating tonight!  We went around a loop in our neighborhood and were really sorry we didn’t bring a stroller by the end of it.  Rose made out better than Lacy, probably because it was so cute hearing her say “Trick or treat!” and “Happy Halloween!”  Here’s a picture from last night– costumes were the same tonight.  Hope everyone had a grate night!

The cutest cheerleaders EVER!

Go Team!

Dale’s Big Celebration!


We invited Dale over for dinner tonight. Seeing as he couldn’t come up with an excuse quickly enough, he came over. We had fried rice and chocolate birthday cake. He brought over his birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa and opened it here. 


 The kids wanted to bust it open and start playing right away!


I didn’t have 39 candles, nor did I have a 9, so we improvised. Note the fingermarks in the frosting. I checked everyone’s fingers and Turner’s seemed to be the culprit. Which is unfortunate since he is the one with the grossest fingers most of the time! 


Dale is a babe magnet where five year old girls are concerned. She couldn’t leave him alone. And he is very patient and sweet to her. 


Regan gave him our present, a “Manga Messiah” book and said “Here’s a bag with a book. Oops!” Here she is “oopsing” that she gave away the present!

Happy Birthday Dale!


The Germknödel Catastrophe

Since we decided to do our “Oktoberfest” Theme for today’s After Conference Dinner, I thought it was high time I attempted to make Germknödel again.  My first attempt was at Christmastime 1990. Everyone in the family remembers it as a dismal failure, even this many years later (of course many of you still remember the St Patrick’s Day meal I butchered when I was about 11 or 12, so what do I expect?). I actually haven’t tried making it again since then, but I’ve asked everyone that I can think of for any tips. No luck.  So I got a recipe off the internet and went to it. Continue reading The Germknödel Catastrophe

Hiking adventures

I hadn’t gone for a good hike yet this summer, so I decided Labor Day was the time to do it.  On a tip from a co-worker, I went to a trail in the north cascades, near the town of Marblemount.

It was a somewhat cloudy day, but when we started climbing the trail, it began to clear up.  I went with Layne, and we invited a few friends along along as well.  Overall, it was a great hike.  Here are a few photos: