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Blog tricks: the “cut”

One technique that is frequently used in blogs is to post an introductory paragraph or two… then to read the rest of the post, there is a link stating “Read the rest of this entry.”

The reason why this is useful is it makes the main page of the blog easy to load–if there are a ton of high-resolution pictures in a post, then you don’t have to reload all of the pictures every single time you open the main blog page.

How to do this?  Well, if you read the rest of this entry, you’ll find out…

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Posting pictures the Carolyn way 101

1) Open an account at Photobucket or another similar website that provides HTML codes for individual pictures. Post your pictures online.

2) Begin writing your post on this blog. When it’s time to add a picture, click on the tiny “HTML” button. This opens the HTML source editor.

3) Copy the HTML code for the picture you would like to post.

4) In the HTML source editor, paste the HTML code. It’s best to do this at the bottom of all the code already in the editor. You can use codes such as (br) – but with carrots (on the same key with , and .)  instead of () -to make a break in what you’ve already written and what you would like to post. That will add a break.

5) When you’ve added your photos, click on “update” in the HTML source editor. This will add the pictures to the post.

6) To adjust the size, click on the picture. You can use the little dots in each corner to adjust the picture to a workable size. I like to adjust them so they look like they’re about 4-5 inches wide on the computer screen.

7) Publish your post, and your pictures should show up just like mine do!

PS– check out my blog for pictures and commentary from yesterday’s wedding!

How to create a link

This is going under the “Stupid Blog Tricks” category for easy reference.

One basic skill that’s extremely useful in blogs is linking.  For example, linking to articles, photos, and other things found online.  WordPress has a button at the page where you make a post that can create a link for you.  It’s pretty easy to use.

Let’s say I want to link to Google’s front page.  First, I will type in the text I want to convert to a link.  In this case, the text will simply be “Google.” I then highlight Google and click on the “link” button that’s just above the posting box – it looks like a chain.

WordPress will now show you a dialog box that lets you enter the address to which this link will direct.  Here, I type in “”.  Now “Google” will be highlighted and I can click on that to visit the Google front page.

Also in the dialog box is the “target” option.  By default, it says “Open link in the same window,” but if you’re posting things like Picasa web albums, I recommend clicking on this and selecting “Open link in a new window” instead.  Now when you click on the link, it will open it in a new window and leave the blog as it is in the first window.  Highly useful for photo albums.

So what you get in the end is something like this:


I hope this has been educational.

Good tool for making posts

For users of Firefox, there’s a handy tool to make new posts to blogs (including WordPress blogs) called Deepest Sender.  To install it, navigate to the link in Firefox and click on download/install, and then click on the “Install” link at the top of the list (when you do this, Firefox may first ask you to add to your trusted sites list).

Afterwards, when you run Deepest Sender (Tools -> Depest Sender, or just CTRL+\ ), create a new account for WordPress, replacing “yoursite” with “”.

I find this program a lot more convenient than going to the website to create a new post.

The first day of the blog

So several family members have created accounts, and so far the reaction to the blog has been positive. I’m going to start a series of posts showing how to do various things with the software.

And to start off, why not show how categories work? When you’re making a new post to the blog, on the right hand side there are several boxes, each one representing a specific category. When you publish your entry, your entry will fall under whichever categories you checked (“General” by default).

Each post has its categories listed on the front page. You can click on a category and see all posts made in that category. I’m going to continue posting some (hopefully) useful info under the category “Stupid Blog Tricks” to show various tips and tricks in getting this blog to work.

Right now only I can add new categories, so I’m adding a few that I think will get used by everybody. Let me know if you want additional categories added (I may just give everybody the ability to add categories, I’ll look into it).